Orderla.my POS / Merchant App

A dedicated app to record sales for specific order form on-the-go. Even without active Internet.

Create Merchant Account First

You need to create merchant account to access the mobile app. First go to Settings, and click Merchants. Already have the account ? Download the app here:
At Merchants page, click 'Add Merchant'.
Fill up the information. Note that one merchant account will get access to one order form that you want to take order on the device.
Once you have create the merchant, you may download the app from Google Play.

Login on The App

Upon opening the app, you may login with the created Merchant account.
Once you logged in, it will load the form's items. Make sure you have setup your forms with all your products.
As starter you need to add items to cart and check out.
To add item to cart, simply click on the icon. A popup window will apear to ask for quantity and other details. Click 'Add to Cart' to add to cart.
Click 'Cart' at the bottom part to view your cart.
At cart you may change quantity of the item, also you may remove item.
You may add also add discount. Click on the 3 dots on the top, click 'Add Discount'.
You may also clear the cart by click 3 dots and select 'Clear Cart'.

Proceed to Payment

Once you are happy with the cart, you may click 'Payment' on the bottom part and it will go to Payment Selection Page.
For the time being, Orderla.my Merchant app only support Cash.
Click on Cash to proceed.

Charging Customer

At this page you may add the details of your customer; name, phone no and add some notes.
Click 'Confirm Record Sale'. To record the sale.
On the event of you connected to the internet, Orderla.my Merchant App will add record the sales directly to your Orderla.my account. The order will become 'paid' and 'completed'.
In case of no internet. The app will record the receipt offline on the device. Later you may sync once you have the internet connected.

Sales Recorded Successfully

After you click 'Confirm Record Sale', the system will record the sale locally and also record to the Orderla.my system (when the event of internet connection exist). When the process is successful, it will show the result as Done with the order info. When the order's code number and invoice number is shown, it mean it's already been recorded on the Orderla.my.
For Sunmi Device user: at this screen there is a 'Print' button for you to quickly print with the inner printer.
Click 'Start a new Sale' to go back to main screen.

View Recent Receipt

At the main screen click on 'Hamburger Menu / 3 line Menu' on the top left to show the Side Navigation Menu. Now click on 'Recent Receipt'.
Here you can see the list of recent receipts you have recorded. Note that this should be the temporary place as the system also recorded the order to Orderla.my system as well.
In the event you have receipts that have not been synced yet. You can click on three dots, and select 'Sync Receipt'.
It will submit the order for receipts that haven't have the order ID. Once you have done, you may choose to clear all synced receipt to clean up the space.
All the synced orders will live in 'Orders' section.