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Send a POST call to API integrator
Webhooks is a callback when a new order come in, you can do whatever you want with API integrators such as Integromat or Zapier.
At Orderla settings, you can go to form's edit mode. Then go to Integrations tab.
You may need the URL to be inserted inside the form.

Example with Integromat: Webhooks to add a row inside Google Sheets

Here is an example where you can send to a webhook and then add a row inside Google Sheets.
Click at the Webhooks icon. You will see the Webhook URL. You need to create one if you haven't yet, the select it.
Example of Scheduling. The automator will do the automation task every 15 minutes.
Setup you Google Sheet Document to integrate inside Integromat action.
Add to your sheet with header like these:
Phone Number
Integromat's Scenario Editor
Copy webhook's URL, or click on 'Copy address to clipboard' then paste at Webhook URL at previously shown Orderla settings. Then click on 'Send Test Data' to send a test data to Integromat to check the integration.
Make sure when Send Test Data got a result of 'Successfully sent to webhook'.
Click on 'Re-determine data structure' to input the value. Specify where to write to your Google Sheet and in which sheet.
Set also Table contains headers to YES.
Specify what kind of data do you want to put for each columns like below.
So it will generate a row like this.