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EasyParcel Integration

Get the Integration Ready

From your EasyParcel dashboard, on the left menu click Integration, and Add Add New Store. Click on the bottom at API integration, click on the API key.
Now click on Individual API, it will show the API Key. Copy the key to Orderla's EasyParcel settings at this URL: https://orderla.my/admin/delivery-services/easyparcel.
Add the API key and click 'Update Change'.

Setup the Form

Now you can use EasyParcel to easily purchase your parcel for shipment from Orderla system. You may also pass the data from Orderla to EasyParcel on the parcel's information easier.
Important: Make sure all of your products have weight.
Also make sure to turn on, customer detail for address.
To setup the integration, first go to Form Edit / Delivery, turn on switch EasyParcel Delivery Option.
Then setup the EasyParcel Delivery Option
Input these: Parcel Content, Sender Address, Sender Postcode, City, and State.
If needed add also Price Markup to cover costing such as wrapping.

At Your Order Form

At your order form, there will be an option for 'Delivery via EasyParcel'.
After your customer proceed for 'Order Summary', it will load the list of Delivery Options that your customer might interested Then customer will click 'Select Delivery'.

Manage EasyParcel's Parcel Setup by Merchant

At order detail page, there is a card on 'EasyParcel Delivery', and also a button to manage it 'Manage EasyParcel Shipment'.
Make sure all the info for sender and receiver are correct, add receiver postcode and select state properly, then scroll down and click 'Purchase Parcel'.
Once your purchase was success, the order detail will show the AWB link and link to track the parcel.

Customer Order Page

For your customer, their order page will be updated with the link to track the parcel.