Direct Payment

Add 'Pay Now' button to pay directly to payment.
Here is the demo of how the function works.

How to Setup

First of all, you need to subscribe to Orderla Plus and enable at least one type of payment gateway.

Edit Your Form

Go to your desired form to add the 'Place Order Now' button. Go to tap 'Payments'.
Go to Form Edit / Payment

Purchase Add-On

Click the button at the bottom of the page Purchase Add-on Enable 'Place Order Now' Button. You will see the details & terms of the feature.
Please note that the activation is only for the specific form. The feature cannot be duplicated to a other form.
This to ensure that you are serious and ready to recieve payment directly from customer and fulfill the order. Is required for you to use mobile app and push notification to get notified about the order immediately.
Click on Pay RMXX to Activate Now to pay via Payment Gateway.

Enable The Direct Payment

After payment was made, there is a checkbox to enable 'Place Order Now' button.
Make sure you have at least one payment gateway enabled.
Also make sure you also have mobile app ( installed and enable push notification. You even can test the push notification inside the app.
Once you tick it, then hit Save.

Open & Test Your Form

Open the ordering form to test the 'Place Order Now' button.
At first glace, the form is identical with normal WhatsApp Ordering form.
However, when you click Proceed, your summary sheet will show a Place Order Now button. The button is larger than the 'WhatsApp' button to encourage customer to pay directly via payment gateway
If you hit Place Order Now you will be directed to selected payment gateway to make payment.
You will need to enable push notification on your mobile phone to receive notifications on your mobile. Download mobile app at
You will receive notification twice: on the submitted order and when the payment has been made.
If the payment wasn't been made you may follow up with the customer via WhatsApp to guide he/she how to make the payment, or advice how to use other type of payment.