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Data Exporters

You may download your orders data as CSV, XLSX and PDF.
You can export as files whether it's CSV, XLSX or PDF to your computer so you can make your own backups or as for references. Here are some exporter that available for Plus users:


You can download all the orders data as Excel file by click on the 'Excel' button. CSV is the simplified version of the orders.

Orders (B-View)

No Filter Mode (Default)

Filtered Mode (by Form)

At Orders (B-View) you need to select a form then download buttons for Excel & PDF will be appeared.
[Excel] All Orders for select Form, each order has the total number by products/variations.
[PDF] The for PDF order quantity is itemized and grouped by date.

Calendar for Date & Time Slot

At the Calendar View click on a date.
[Excel] Orders for that Slot Date, each order has all the order list details, name, quantity, price, total. Each order item on its row.
[Batched Invoice PDF] All Invoices (PDF) for that Slot Date.

Orders Expoters Calendar (Bottom Section) Filtered by a Form

If you want to know how many products that you need to prepare on that day scroll down on the page to see a panel to select a specific form. Please select your desired form.
[Excel Products / Total Quantities] You will see the numbers of product that has been ordered on that day.
[Excel Order Summary] Orders for select Form, each order has the total number by products/variations, for that Slot date.

Customers Database

Customer database is the page that display all your customers from your order unique to their phone number.
You may download in CSV format.
Sample data for downloading Customers Database