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Delyva Integration

Integrate with multiple 3rd party delivery services with Delyva
Firstly you need an account with Delyva. You can register here at https://my.delyva.app.
After that go to Settings / API Integrations. https://my.delyva.app/customer/settings/integrations.
Then on Orderla Dashboard, open Delyva Integration from menu at Settings / Delivery Services / Delyva at https://orderla.my/admin/delivery-services/delyva.

Setup Service Provider at Delyva

You can customize which delivery services you want to offer to your customers. Setup here: https://my.delyva.app/customer/settings/services​
Orderla will shows your chosen selected delivery services

Enable Delyva to your Ordering Form

Firstly, go to your form in edit mode. Choose 'Delivery'.
Turn on 'Enable Delivery Options'.
Then switch on Delyva Delivery Option.
Fill up the form for Parcel Content, Sender Address, Sender Postcode, Sender City and State and then Save your form.
Make sure all of your products have weight.
To make sure all your products to have weight, you can turn on 'show weight' on form edit / options.

Open Your Form

Inside your form, there will be a selection for Delivery via Delyva as a delivery option.
When customer proceed for checkout, they can choose which delivery service they like.

Managing Order which has Delyva Delivery

When you open an order which has Delyva Delivery you will see a panel showing 'Delyva Delivery' as image below.
Click on 'Manage Delyva Shipment...'
Please fill up the receiver address with: city and state.
Scroll down to see the details.
Please select the item type.
Then click 'Submit & Purchase'.
Confirm by click OK.

After Successfully Purchase Parcel

After you have successfully purchased your parcel. You can see the Print AWB button inside Delyva Delivery panel.
Click the Print AWB to open the AWB in PDF.

Update the Tracking

At the same Delyva Delivery panel, on the lowest bottom, click 'Update Shipment' to update the latest status of the parcel and retrieve the consigment number.
If the consignment number successfully retrived you may update to your customer.
Paste the link into 'Delivery update message' then click Update Message. You may update the delivery status via WhatsApp template.

Updated Customer Order Page

Now your customer order page will updated with the link to track your customer delivery on the top of the page.