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Ninjavan Postpaid

Setup Ninjavan Postpaid Credential

Log in to your Ninjavan Dashboard at https://dashboard.ninjavan.co/.
After logged in, inside the Dashboard, go to Settings > IT Settings.
Take note on Client ID and Client Key.
Then open Orderla.my dashboard on another tab.
Go to Settings > Delivery Services > Ninjavan Postpaid. Or click on this link https://orderla.my/admin/delivery-services/ninjavan.
Copy and Paste the value like the image below and click 'Save Change' to save.

Set Your Pickup Address

Key in your address detail at the same page and click 'Save Change'.

How to Send the Shipment Data to Ninjavan

At your order details on web ( or in b-view orders ) you should see 'Manage Shipment via Ninjavan' button.
A 'Ninjavan Postpaid Shipment' window will appear. Check on the Sender & receiver details. To change the receiver address you need to close the window and edit at the order details' customer fields and save.
Select the pickup date and slot.
Click 'Send to Ninjavan' button and click 'Confirm' on a confimation alert.
Once the 'Completed' alert appear you may check your Ninjavan Dashboard.

Tracking No on E-Invoice

At your e-invoice for your customer, he/she will see the link for Ninjavan tracking page at the top.