Payment Gateway Integrations

Normally when your customer make a purchase via WhatsApp, they will transfer money through online banking. This can cause headache when there are lot of transactions and hard to tally the payment and which orders.
However by using Payment Gateway we can systematise our way of accepting payments and tally with which orders.
And it is easier for customers to make payments too.
The system can also automatically confirm and update the order payment status when the customer has made a payment.
With Admin mobile apps, you can also get a notification when a customer successfully makes a purchase.
Please read the next steps to setup your Payment Gateway at Orderla by using the payment gateway of your choice.
The Orderla system supports: Billplz, ToyyibPay, SenangPay, Stripe, Bizappay, SecurePay, GKash, Razer Merchant Services & CHIP.