Orderla.my Guides

Make Coupons

Coupon is a way to give discount to your customer by entering special code upon submit their orders.
At editing your Form, go to Coupons section.
Tap on 'Add Coupon' button.
You may add a unique Coupon Code, or click 'Generate Code' button to generate random Coupon Code.
Then you can set the type of your as 'fixed' or 'percentage'. After that you can key in the value either in percentage or RM.
You may also set the coupon as limited by tick 'Redemtion Limits' to the number of your choice.
Untick 'Redemption Limits' if you want to make the coupon unlimited.
Click Add to create the coupon. But remember once the coupon is created it cannot be edited. If you make a mistake you need to delete and create a new one.
Additionally, you have the option to include the expiration date and minimum subtotal necessary to validate the coupon.

Share Your Code to the Customer

Select and copy the code to share with your customer. Please mind that the code is case-sensitive, so your customer need to be exact with the code for the system to accept the code and make the discount for his/her purchase.