Dynamic Delivery Options

Dynamic Delivery Options is up to 3 for Plus, and 30 for Pro
You may also want to use dynamic delivery options that is, well, dynamic to total weight, subtotal price and item quantity.
Just like how you add static delivery options, you need to enable 'Delivery Options' first if you haven't yet.
Turn on 'Dynamic Delivery Options'. The, 'Add Option'.

Change the Type of the Option

The default type is weight. But you can change to price and quantity.

Weight Type

For weight you can set the base price and the maximum weight (optional, if you don't have limit just leave it blank and not 0).
You can add some rule to this dynamic pricing. Like if equal or more than 5kg you can add additional price. And so on. The rule will honor with the last rule that is true.

Price Type

Price type you can make a free delivery option when your subtotal is equal or exceeding a amount by put price override to RM0.

Quantity Type

Same like price, you can set delivery price override if your customer select a certain quantity.