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Setup Local Delivery

Let your customer place the pin on the map so you can find them easier

Set Your Origin Location

Go to Edit Form / Delivery, make sure to enable 'Delivery Options first.
Then you may turn on switch for 'Local Delivery (Map-based)'. Then click 'Select Location from Google Maps'.
A pop-up modal will appear to ask for your location.
  1. 1.
    Search your address and select from the options.
  2. 2.
    Zoom in and drag & drop to you location to the most precise place. This coordinate will be used to calculate the direction from your place to your customer's place.
Check & edit your location details.

Setup The Delivery Pricing (Customized)

You may based on other third party delivery pricing or make your own pricing table.
Please fill up all the field marked with asterisk.
Maximum Distance is the distance in radius around your origin coordinate. Your customer will find their location and will check are they within the radius. The calculation is using Haversine formula between two coordinates. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haversine_formula
The maximum distance also being used when calculated with Google Direction API, then recheck again if the distance is out of range or not.
Base distance with base price meaning if the delivery within the base distance the price will be the base price.
If the delivery is more than base distance, the extra distance from base distance will be charged with the delivery rate per kilometer.
We can add another zone to make another rate after certain distance before reaching maximum distance.
Last Zone ( from the last to distance to max distance ).

Pricing Case 1

This pricing is based on Mr. Speedy, we can emulate this formula in our delivery table. However you must set the maximum distance.

Check your created Pricing

You may check the pricing by enter the distance. Make sure to save the form before do the price checking.

Result on Order Form

At your form in Delivery Option, there will be a 'Local Delivery' option for your customer to choose and will need to enter their own location on Google Maps.
First they need to enter their address, but will be autocomplete via Google Autocomplete API.
Next customer can drag & drop their pin, to adjust if the pin is not accurate.
When customer want to proceed, the system will calculate the delivery fee and will be shown there.

WhatsApp Message

On the WhatsApp message you will also receive the link for the customer's location in coordinate.

Customer Order Page

On the Customer Order Page also you will be able to see the link to open in Google Maps.

Aboput Map-based Calculation

We use Google Direction API to measure the distance between 2 coordinate: from seller to buyer place.

Video Guide

Learn how to make the geography boundaries for your delivery.