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Build your First Form

A form consist of list your products or offerings with prices, copywritings, fields to ask your customers of their details.
Orderla.my Ordering Platform is centered to its forms. Form let your customer to select their orders and key in their details and send to you as a seller.
Here we will learn how to get started with Orderla, subscribe to Plus / Pro plan , integrate with payment gateway and so much more.
Let's get started by creating your first WhatsApp Order Form. WhatsApp Order Form works like a sales page showing about your offerings and products. Customers can select the items they want and send as a messenging text to merchant to order.
This solution is perfect for merchant who already using WhatsApp to step-up their game.

Building a Form

1. Create Your First Order Form

On the navigation menu, click on the Order Forms > Forms, then click 'Create New Form'. Add the title and form slug. Form slug will be automatically generated by the title. Form slug will be part of form's URL.
Start type Title, and Form Slug will appear automatically. Adjust the Form Slug if needed. Click Save on top right to save the form first.
Right after Save. You may now access the Products section. Create list of sections and products from there.
Click on 'Add Section', and add Section Name.
Then click 'Add Product' inside the CAKE section.
This will open a 'Add Product' popup. Now add your product's name, description, price & limit.
Click on Image to add an image. Currently we only support to add one image for one product.
Next is to click on Add button ( on the most bottom side ) to add the product inside the product list.
Now you can preview your live page by clicking on the Preview button at the top bar.

Preview Your Form

Now your form is live for you to test it out.