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Messaging Service (SMS)

For SMS Services we use SMS Niaga service to send SMS. You can register here at https://smsniaga.com.

Find Your API Token At SMS Niaga

Once you have an account, log in to the dashboard at https://manage.smsniaga.com.
Refer to the figure below to retrieve your API Access Token. Select and copy the API access token.

Next is to open at Orderla Messaging Services, click on SMS Niaga.

Next is to open at SMS Niaga setup here https://orderla.my/admin/messaging-services/smsniaga.
Paste API access token here, then click 'Update Change'.
You will see the credit balance on that page as well.

Set Default Sender ID (Important)

You also need to make sure that you have set the default Sender ID at https://manage.smsniaga.com/sender_identifiers.
Check on the list make sure one of your Sender ID list, there is 'Yes'.

Sending The SMS

You may refer to WhatsApp Message Templates on how to setup the template and sending the message.
The SMS sending options will appear at your order details page.