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Lets learn how to use Orderla.my
Welcome to Orderla.my Guides Page. Click Orderla.my to go back to the main home page.
Continue reading to learn how Orderla.my can help you make sales through WhatsApp.
Orderla.my is used to create sales pages that can be sent to your WhatsApp.
Each account has its homepage URL e.g: yourshop.orderla.my.
You can set the URL to redirect to a specific sales form as well.
Let's start creating a sales form. The sales form can be accessed via a URL like yourshop.orderla.my/my_form.

Start Here

Please click on the link below to learn how to create your first Sales Form

Orderla Basic

If you have registered with Orderla.my, you are on the Basic plan.
The Basic plan has complete features for you to start selling through WhatsApp.
It's free, as long as you have a basic account and as long as we are operational.
We will not share or sell your data to any party without your consent. This includes Plus / Pro users as well.
Our business model is through the Plus / Pro plan, which offers more powerful features to help entrepreneurs manage their orders more efficiently and systematically.

Orderla Plus & Pro

Learn more about Orderla Plus & Pro. How you can use all the features we offer.
Among the features of Orderla Plus are:

Payment Gateways

By using our payment gateway, you can systematize the way you accept payments from your customers automatically.
You can use popular payment gateways in Malaysia to integrate with Orderla's order form. These payment gateways are: Billplz, SenangPay, ToyyibPay, Bizappay, SecurePay, Gkash & Razer Merchant Services. We also support the international payment gateway Stripe.

Orderla Admin Mobile App

The best feature of the Orderla Admin mobile app is that you will receive notifications when there is a new order.
You can also receive notifications when payment has been made by your customer, so you don't have to follow up once payment has been received.
Additionally, you can manage your orders more easily and quickly through the mobile app.
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