WhatsApp Message Templates

Setup your template messages to follow up your customers

Setup Templates

Firstly go to Side Menu > Settings > WA Message Templates.
Before you can use the template you need to activate by click on the top right button.
After that, you can make a change to your template.

Use the Messanging Templates at Order Detail

Fist you need to go to your orders. Visit from here https://orderla.my/admin/orders.
Next pick one view order details.
At the order details, on the right side see the Customer Details.
Click WhatsApp button, and it will show the pop-up to Send WhatsApp with Template options.

Use Case: You want to update your customer after added Delivery Update Message

Firstly add your message at delivery update message at order detail, and click 'Update Message'.
After that, you may want to send a message to your customer with pre-setup template.
By clicking at WhatsApp button, you now have option to send with template: 'Order Update'.
It's essentially send a message to your customer with predefined text and with the link to your customer order link.